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Our view is neither pro- nor anti- academy – we are though very concerned about parents being cut out of the education debate more and more.

We think that parents and the individuals in our children’s schools will have more of an impact on our children’s lives than the accountability system under which a school operates. We are not arguing against academies but for the involvement of parents in determining which is the right route for their school when it is struggling.

The Government would like to turn all schools into academies but simply being an academy is not a magic bullet. Below is a sample of some of the information and debate on the subject. …

The following is a sample of articles and publications on the subject:

The Government’s argument:

Explanation of Academies by the BBC.

Sir Michael Wilshaw – Head of Ofsted, writing about the role of all school governors in November 2015 – worth a read by anyone who is or is thinking about being a school governor:
“Undoubtedly the most important task that will ever fall to a governing board is to appoint a new headteacher.

I suspect nearly all of us who have spent our careers in schools can cite examples of the wrong person being handed the top job. I think it is, therefore, legitimate to ask whether senior governors who lack the professional credentials can be relied on to make the right appointment that serves the interests of children. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to standalone academies that have opted out of local authority control but are not part of any multi-academy trust. In such cases, the governing board may have no-one to turn to for professional advice and support when deciding on a new head to lead the school. It is surely no coincidence that in last year’s Annual Report, Ofsted identified standalone academies as the most vulnerable to decline and failure.”

Local Schools Network – “10 Academies Myths”

House of Commons Education Committee report into Academies and Free Schools Jan 2015. .

The report includes a section on “Parent Voice” – page 31 which starts “The DfE’s original written submission to our inquiry did not mention parents except in relation to free schools.Other witnesses raised concerns about the accountability of academies to parents, both collectively and as individuals with complaints… “